If you are reading this, you are most likely in the direct sales or door to door industry. This industry has been around for several decades. No matter if you are just starting out in the industry, or are looking for better alternatives to your direct sales software, you are searching for the best software the industry has to offer. We have compared other software in the industry and are willing to share our findings with you.

Direct Sales Software


Spotio has been around since 2014 and does a fairly bang-up job of being the first to market and the standard for other Direct Sales Software.  Their main customers are Door to Door Sales Teams in the Alarm, Pest Control, and Home Improvement segments.

Unfortunately where Spotio starts falling behind is in their technology.  Since they’ve been around for 7 years their apps (both legacy and new) show signs of age.  Many previous users we’ve spoken with have told us that data often gets lost and it is hard to get out of the Door to Door side of the system to integrate with other aspects of user CRM’s.


SalesRabbit launched in 2016 and have grown quickly.  This is mainly because of their proprietary relationships with Satellite, Alarm, and Pest Control companies based in Utah.  What you get with SalesRabbit is a platform specifically geared for hardcore door to door summer sales teams.  For those types of users, the feedback is great.

Outside of that contingent, SalesRabbit leaves features to be desired.  Also, there have been many reports of the same same issues that occur with Spotio such as losing data, dispositions, etc


Canvass is a relatively new player (launched in 2018), but have steadily made inroads into creating a name for themselves.  This is mainly because they fill in some major holes that Spotio and SalesRabbit miss.  Like Spotio and SalesRabbit, their main capability is in location mapping and providing leads for D2D sales representatives.

However, because of their newness to the market, they don’t provide nearly as many features as other competitors.


Salesforce is the overwhelmingly big gorilla in the room when it comes to customizing a CRM for your sales team.  Between its built-in functionality and an excellent resource of 3rd party plug-ins, you can make it do essentially anything you need it to.

So where’s the drawback?

Mainly, its the cost.  Implementing a SalesForce solution almost always requires engaging a 3rd party integration team which will run a minimum of $20,000 (but we’ve seen as much as $20 million).  That and the time involved and recurring subscription fees (up to $150/user/month) can make this an unattainable and uneconomical solution for most small to medium-sized direct sales companies.


Zoho is a very interesting choice for someone who wants a highly customizable system without the need for all of the backend programming.  Their system is a very technically oriented system and through its total suite of products (Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Reports, and others), you can create and customize a dynamic CRM for your direct sales business.  Also, the per-user cost of $25/month can be very attractive.

Because Zoho is so technical, it can easily end up being a full-time job for an individual (or department) to build, customize, and support its features.  This extra expense often ends up negating any savings from more costly software.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access provides many of the same benefits of Zoho, and unfortunately many of the same drawbacks.  People who are very familiar with the Microsoft Suite of Products may want to choose this option. 

Although Microsoft has made many inroads into web applications in the last decade, there still seems to be a leap from its desktop functionality to get users comfortable with its web applications.

Badger Mapping

Badger Mapping is another good example of a direct sales software for feet on the street sellers.  This is mainly suited towards sellers for business since one of its main features is it can pull in Google business data.

The downside to this is that it is limited to 23 new leads added daily.  Also expect pricing to be slightly higher than average.


While DSHero is not a widely used software yet, it is the BEST we have found in our search for direct sales or door to door sales apps in the market.

DSHero was created by direct sales dealers in the telecommunications industry trying to get a better handle on how to train sales reps, manage and track sales, and how to do it as efficiently as possible on a singular platform.  Being able to use a single platform has been found to significantly reduce rep learning time and help with retention.

DSHero comes to the table with years of sales experience. This proprietary product has been used in the field by a number of different direct sales companies. From Solar products, to advertising and marketing. DSHero has proven to be the best all in one sales app.

If you need a software that can manage your seller’s commissions, leads, and training in an all-in-one package, then DSHero can be an excellent solution.

Why DSHero is the best direct sales software in 2020


DSHero staff listens to your specific needs and desires and will make the necessary adjustments to fit those needs. DSHero has the flexibility and modification ability you need for your direct sales business.

Time Tested

Although DSHero is a newer product, it comes from the result of over 3000 hours of development and 50,000 hours of live testing. 

All In One

Lead display, disposition and tracking in the field, CRM and sales tracking to training and support, DSHero offers it all. The other software we compared above do not have all of these features. If they do offer all of these features, it comes with a higher price tag.

DSHero does not add additional fees for providing an all in one sales app. It’s just that – ALL IN ONE!

Mobile & Back Office support ready

The ones we have compared above are not both mobile and back-office support ready. They are either one or the other. If they are mobile, the back office support is lacking. The others may have back-office support, but unless you are going to be taking a laptop computer in the field, the mobile aspect is lacking.

DSHero offers both! With administrative access that can be used in the back office to dealer access that can be used at your customer’s door.

The Price is RIGHT!

We have compared the prices of the more widely known direct sales canvassing apps that are out there and we have come to the conclusion that DSHero offers extreme value for all of the features it includes

Many companies have indicated that their overall company overhead has gone down since implementing DSHero since it reduces back-office staff and training time.  Moreover, using DSHero helps you put your rep’s time back in the field where it belongs.

Schedule a demo today to see how DSHero is the best direct sales software for your company in 2020.  We’re currently offering a 14-day free trial so you can give DSHero a test run and see if its the right software for your Direct Sales Company.

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