Chances are, if you been in door to door sales for more than 5 years you’ve had the opportunity to use both paper leads as well as electronic leads on a door to door leads tracking app.  Over the last 5 years, apps have become very popular and there are quite a few options on the market to choose from:

Badger Maps

With the rise of these apps, finding one that meets your needs is easier than ever. Still, the main question people ask when they’re ready to make the jump is, is it worth it?

Without a doubt, the old method of sorting and printing leads for a door to door sales team is a pain.  If you’ve spent hours jockeying excel spreadsheets, online databases (like salesforce) or manila folders stuffed with old lead sheets, you know this suffering.

Trying to get just the right set of leads for your sales rep while trying to make sure it’s not an area you’ve already assigned to another sales rep can be a recipe for early insanity.  Only the most organized people in the door to door sales world really enjoy this process, while the rest of us just wish we had those 2-4 hours a week (or more) of our life back.

That’s where the desire for online lead management software comes in.   When you finally hit your wits end with managing your lead assignments by hand, almost any software that promises to simplify the process will look like its worth whatever amount of money they’re asking.  

You’ll hang on every word of the account manager and be ready to believe whatever promises they make to you about their leads software. They promise saving you time, making you more money, and finally enabling you to take that vacation to Fiji. You will be able to just watch the sales flow onto your master mothership dashboard on your iPad while you drink a Mai Tai on the beach.

Sounds Awesome, Right?

I hate to break up that dream (I’ve been there before), but there are 2 major problems with door to door lead software that most software salespeople WON’T tell you:

It will take you weeks, if not months, to get the lead tracking software set up the way you want it

Putting door to door leads on an app doesn’t necessarily increase sales for your reps

While the 1st issue is one some people can deal with (but let’s face it, as salespeople ourselves we want what we want NOW), the 2nd issue should be one that stops you in your tracks.

While many companies would want you to believe that their software is going to help you increase sales dramatically and is easily more than worth the fees they charge, what we’ve found from actual users we talk to at Direct Sales Resources (and from software we’ve used ourselves), is that its almost impossible to quantify any sales gains from using a lead tracking app vs. using printed lead sheets.

If your sales reps don’t increase their sales from using a door to door lead tracking app, then is it worth all that time and hassle to get it set up and get them using it?

The answer is, maybe. 

In our experience, it’s pretty clear to us that a software leads app will give time back to the sales manager.  Remember those 2-4 hours a week of managing excel spreadsheets you used to do (or are maybe still doing)? That time can get cut down to 30-45 minutes using the right mapping and lead assignment tool.  Some will be easier than others, and there’s always the amount of initial cost and time that it takes to get set up properly, but if done right, a door to door lead tracking app can certainly reduce a managers frustration in assigning leads AND allow them to spend more time coaching and managing their sales team, which can lead to higher sales efficiency.

How to find the best Lead Tracking Software for You

The best leads software solution for you and your team is the one that minimizes your time, gives you the opportunity to get more sales, and has a format your sales reps can work with.  If you haven’t already migrated to a door to door lead tracking app, or aren’t happy with the one you have now, we highly recommend you give DSHero a try. 

DSHero will help you get your time back as a manager, make data migration easy, and do it in an affordable package. Not only that, but DSHero has built-in sales tracking, commission tracking, and training features that offer more value than the competition

If you’d like to get a free demo, or talk to one of our staff about what it would take to get your team set up with DSHero, give us a call at 517-481-5712 or send us an email at [email protected]


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