Do I have pre-established leads to upload to my Door to Door Lead Mapping Application?

Depending on how you canvass and get leads, you’re going to want to know how the mapping application you are considering manages your data. If you’re doing 3rd party sales for another company, many of these companies want you to knock pre-established addresses or leads. Many software applications have limits to what outside data you can upload, if they allow you to do it at all. I’ve seen many outsourced door-to-door sales managers fall prey to what sounds like a great sales pitch, and even purchase an application and spend thousands of dollars upfront only to realize that their lead data couldn’t be used.

To avoid this pitfall, always ask up front if a software you’re considering can handle your lead data! Even better, make sure they give you a free trial or demo before you sign on the line that is dotted and contractually commit to paying them for a service that may not even work for you.

What kind of users will I have on my Door to Door Mapping Application?

Ultimately, the value your end-users (eg. sales representatives) get out of your lead mapping system is the most important consideration. However, there’s also an important consideration that should be given to your administrative and management users as well. If their experience is smooth and effortless, it will be a lot easier to get the best leads into your rep’s hands as quickly as possible.

You also want to make sure to ask yourself, what type of permissions will I need to best use the mapping system? Will you have managers or office administrators that require specific access? Are those permissions already in place or will they have to be custom added? Any type of custom development work ultimately will cost you extra when you’re working with Door to Door Lead Mapping software, so make sure you know if there will be any customization needed upfront.

If you’re managing a big team of door-to-door sales representatives and have a lot of territories to cover, chances are you’ve asked yourself (more than once): what is the best door to door lead mapping software to get these reps out to the field and selling more productively, quicker? Anyone who has managed door-to-door sales reps knows that keeping reps on-task in the field and staying organized is one of the key factors in their success or failure.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t quite so simple. To figure out the answer for yourself, you have to understand what you’re really looking for in a door-to-door lead mapping app. A couple of questions you’ll want to have answered before you start looking for answers are:

  • Do I have pre-established leads or am I looking to create leads using mapping software?
  • What kind of users will I have on it?
  • Is there a specific operating system (eg, android, iOS, Windows) I need to make sure is compatible?
  • Do I need reporting data on my lead application users?
  • What’s my budget?

Ultimately, unless you’re funded by the government or a big ole trust fund, the last question will play a key role in which tool you choose. However, to make the absolute BEST decision for your team’s needs, you’ll want to take each one into account. Here’s a deeper dive into each question so you can come to the best possible decision.

What Operating System Do I Need my Lead Mapping Software to Work On?

These days, there is a fair bit of competition between application designers to work on iOS, Android, or Windows platforms. Most, but not all, applications work across all platforms, but that doesn’t mean the user’s experience will be the same on each.

If you want to use a single operating system for all of your reps and users to make sure their experience is universal, be aware that not all users will be able to provide the hardware necessary out of their own pocket. If that is the case, you’ll be responsible for putting a device in their hands which can get broken, stolen or lost. You have to add potential hardware expenses to the overall cost of your lead mapping budget. If you choose a mapping app that only works on one platform but you don’t want to pay the additional expenses to onboard all users, then you’ll be stuck with some reps that are shut out of the lead system altogether.

Make sure to choose a lead system that works on all operating systems if you want to make sure you won’t have additional out of pocket expenses. Also, and this is big, make sure you actually test each operating system out to see if the user experience is the same. Some companies will throw together an Android or iOS app just to say they have that functionality, but that doesn’t mean its good.

What kind of reporting data do I need on my users?

If you’re taking the time to research Lead Mapping tools for your sales rep, chances are you’ve daydreamed (at least a little bit) about all the data you’ll be able to collect from your users in the field and how it is going to make your job so much easier. Once the system is rolled out, all you’ll need to do is sit on your couch and take phone calls and watch the data (and sales) roll in. This is how it’s supposed to work, right?? Unfortunately, most users experience when implementing a new Lead Mapping Software is that they don’t begin to get good data or enhanced productively from their users for 6-12 months after they roll it out (if they ever do).

Why is this? Mainly, it comes from user inertia to using the system correctly out of the gates. Just putting a tablet or application in a users hand doesn’t mean all of a sudden they’ll become super organized and great at taking notes. Chances are, if they weren’t organized and working efficiently before, no application is going to break them out of their bad habits. To top it off, unless your salesforce consists of employees and not 1099 contractors, you’ll probably never be able to properly enforce them dispositioning their leads or even using the app in the first place.

If that’s the case, then what’s the point of using door to door lead mapping software anyways? In short, the main benefit you should expect is enhanced productivity from your managers that are assigning the leads. If a manager can cut their time down significantly in creating turf assignments, then your team should gain productivity overall and the manager should be able to focus more on sales coaching and mentoring the team. This isn’t to say that getting good data out of your lead mapping software isn’t important, but just be aware that those benefits are limited compared to what the salesperson pitching you on it may lead you to believe. 

Lastly, How much does good lead mapping software cost?

If your accountant is making this decision or if you’re working on a tight budget, you may be tempted to go with the cheapest option. Unfortunately, long-term costs of choosing the wrong software can add up!

You will have to look at your total costs to find the best priced lead mapping software. Will you have to invest in additional equipment or data plans to get it up and running? Is there going to be custom coding that needs to be written to accommodate your specific needs? Is the provider going to help you do the account set-up, or are you going to have to do most of it yourself and take a lot of valuable time in the process? All of these things are important considerations when evaluating a lead mapping software tool.

Your best bet is to find a lead mapping solution you can be confident in is to see if the company you’re working with is willing to set up your data or do an exclusive demo for you based on your needs. Just going over the general features of the product or showing you some videos online of what the system can do won’t answer the question of if it will work for you. If the company you work with isn’t willing to do that, then ask them if there are any companies that are similar to yours using your product and if you can contact them to get feedback. How transparent the company is with you on sharing their actual customer experiences will go far to tell you if they’re confident in their product working for you.

The short answer to the budget question is, a good lead mapping software is going to cost you $20-50 per user with some start-up costs to get rolling. I wish the answer were simpler, but the true answer is that each companies needs are going to be different, and if you do a good job shopping around, and asking yourself the 4 questions above (Am I uploading pre-set lead data? What types of users will I have on the system? What operating system do I need my mapping tools to work on? What kind of reporting do I need?), you’ll find the right fit for you and your budget.

The good news is, if you do find a product that works well for you, the high-end cost of $50 a month is actually quite a deal if it means increased productivity for your door to door sales teams. While there is no guarantee that any lead mapping software is going to increase your productivity, if it can reduce the time in your day creating leads for your sales reps, that will free up your managers and sales reps time to do their job more effectively – thats what all good sales teams need.

Direct Sales Resources supports for customer management, commission payments, and lead mapping, all on a user-friendly mobile platform (that doesn’t require any additional hardware). Our company goal is to provide best in class solutions to save Door to Door sales teams time and make more money. We work primarily with customers in the Telecommunications industry, but we’re confident our software is some of the best in the business and welcome you to reach out to us to see if our tools can work for your business. Contact us at 517-481-5712 to schedule a demo or send us an email at [email protected].


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