Training Resources

DSHero allows you to provide training resources for your team and distribute critical information in real-time.  This helps you communicate more efficiently and make sure your sales team is fully equipped with the selling tools they need.


Schedule demoDSHero Features


Show links for external tools that users need for processing orders or tracking sales

Make it easy to log into external sources by saving login links and usernames

Link to commonly used phone numbers for one-click dialing from mobile devices

Link to Google Drive to show a repository of all your training files


Create custom announcements to send out to individual users, teams, offices, or the whole company

Keep Reps up to Speed on contests, promotional or product updates, or other general news in the company

Announcements must be viewed and acknowledged before Sales Rep can go back to using DShero

Weekly Update Page

A single page thats easily customizable for you to add custom content and links

Keep your reps up to date with all the latest news and training materials

Make specific to your business and office by adding your logo or custom colors

Video Training Courses

Have Sales Reps take Video Training Course to Learn New Sales Skills

Engage Users on Learning New Products so they can offer more at the door and increase the revenue they bring in

Users must pass short quizzes to verify their knowledge of subject matter before moving to the next section

Users earn certifications to show off and boost their confidence!

For any good sales team, training never ends

Use DSHero to keep your reps fresh and to help them train effectively with the most up-to-date tools and resources out there.


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