Solar Energy

Solar companies that need a door to door sales app need to look no further. DSHero is the ultimate door to door sales app.

Solar power is the process of converting the energy from the sun into electrical energy. This is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available. The United States has some of the richest solar resources in the world. 

Steady growth in the solar industry is creating new paths to cleaner and more sustainable energy for our futures. The cost of a solar energy system has dropped significantly over the past few years. This is helping to give more American families and business access to affordable, renewable energy.

What’s Next For Solar Energy?

There are a handful of states that have passed laws to either be 100% clean or renewable energy. States like Califorina, New York and New Mexico have passed laws to have 100% clean energy as early as the year 2040.

Places like Washington DC, Puerto Rico and states like Hawaii and Maine have passed laws to have 100% renewable energy as early as the year 2032.

While the State of Wisconsin has a 100% clean energy goal and the State of Minnesota has a 100% renewable energy goal by the year of 2050.

How DSHero Can Help

If your target audience is best obtained through Direct or Door to Door Sales, DSHero has all the resources you need.

With DSHero leads management system, your staff will have the ability to knock on every door, set appointments and follow up with interested customers and track the progress of your direct sales.

Additional DSHero Features

Appointment Scheduling

Newest features allow scheduling appointments with ease. Sales Reps can send appointments to customers calendars for easy reminders.

Field Customizing

With our newest features, you can fully customize lead fields, colors and disposition types. Make DSHero customized to your specific Solar needs.

Tracking and Follow Up

DSHero App tracks your sales reps progress, in real time. Allowing you to follow up with your sales reps and continue to train without joining them in the field.

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