Reporting Dashboards


DSHero offers multiple reporting dashboards for you to see your sales team data just the way you need it


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MySales Dashboard
  • Allows each user, leader, and office manager to see the sales specifically under them (or their subordinates)
  • Allows a user to track sales, installs, disconnects, and easily follow up with customers with one click
  • Submit an escalation on the sale or upload an Order Form
  • Visually color-coded so sales status can be seen at a glance
  • Advanced search capabilities to take a deep dive into the data
  • Ability to export selected data to excel to create custom charts, graphs, or pivot tables
Company Performance Dashboard
  • See all critical sales metrics for all offices in your company in one place
  • View selected historical metrics to see how they’ve changed over time
  • View Recruiting Metrics and other Leading Indicators to know if your offices are trending in the right direction
  • Easily see all historical data
Office Performance Dashboard
  • Track all metrics for Individual office in one place
  • Track all Leader or Sales Trainer team performance
  • Individual Sales Rep Leaderboard with all relevant metrics
  • See Cancelled Sales list and enable quick customer follow
Company Leaderboard
  • Enable Friendly Competition by showing top ranking offices, teams, and sales reps
  • See how the ranking change throughout the month as new data is added 
  • Select which offices you want to participate or not participate
Feedback Loops Tracking
  • 14 Leading indicators for critical Recruiting, Training, and Motivating Activities
  • See how office has grown over time as reflected by Leading Indicators
  • Monthly Health Reports and Checklists to help your individual Office Managers or ICL’s set goals and plan for growth

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