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Recruiting is one of the primary pillars of any Direct Sales or Door to Door business.  Make sure your recruiting funnel is staying full to feed your sales funnel.  

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Show Candidates name, email address, follow up, and notes for easy reference

Easily Share Daily, Weekly and Monthly Candidate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd interview schedules between Recruiters and Management Team via desktop and mobile-friendly app

5-Star rating system allows Recruiters to easily indicate the quality of candidate they’re scheduling


Colors codes easily identify which candidates showed, didn’t show, were scheduled for 2nd and 3rd interviews, or were passed on by their interviewers

Interviewers add candidate notes that are easily accessible to future interviewers


See Detailed reports per office of candidates scheduled, candidates show rates, and hired show rates

Snapshot reports show you quickly how your office is doing for the week to make sure recruiters are hitting their numbers

Recruiting Data flows into Feedback Loop report that allows you to see how recruiting numbers influence final sales and office growth numbers


Send Emails directly from DSHero to candidates to Confirm Interviews

Send Candidates Reminder Texts to keep them Engaged

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