Leads Management

DSHero has an advanced, yet simple to use leads module for uploading leads, viewing maps and assigning leads to Sale Representatives.

Lead Visualization Platform Using Google Maps

    • Show ALL leads on Map and drill down by Zipcode to see details
    • Show leads visually – Choose colors to easily see previous customers or other factors (internet speeds, credit rank, etc)
    • Use Google Streetview right on the map to see exactly the streets and even houses you’re assigning to your reps

Easily Select Leads and Assign to your Representatives

    • Polygon Drawing to slice the turf any way you want it and assign per representative
    • Managers and Assistant Manager have access to all leads in their office to assign
    • Allow Admin access to leads (if you wish)
    • Assign leads to your reps while they’re in the field and they’ll show up within seconds in their inbox

Assigning Leads Tutorial

Mobile Leads Tutorial

Additional Features

Day Planning

Reps can track sales leads with a mobile browser or with PDF downloads to use pen & paper


Geolocation built in allows users to see their exact location.

Follow Up

App tracks knocks, contacts, presentations and sales allowing follow-up coaching.  Visually showing all sales made in each area with real time data

All devices

The leads work on all devices with desktop and mobile browsers

Easy Import

Upload spreadsheets directly in the app. Salesforce Integration for auto-sync is coming soon!

Customize Fields

Users & offices can have customized lead fields and colors.

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