How do we get back to work after the COVID-19 pandemic if your primary job is door to door sales?

That’s a great question that all of us have been wrestling within the corporate world. But what does that mean for direct sales? We will give practical ways for direct sales companies to safely and effectively get back to work after the pandemic.

The fear of the pandemic

Coronavirus outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak was declared as a pandemic on March 11th, 2020. As of June 1st, more than 6.2 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported. With numbers increasing, this pandemic has touched everyone. You will know at least a few people whose lives have been changed forever because of this virus. No matter if you know people that have died or have recovered, their lives are still changed. Your heart breaks for them. You want nothing more than to show your loved ones they are still loved.

The fear of the pandemic is REAL! The fear is real because this pandemic is real. This has been one of the hardest pandemics that most of us have ever seen. We don’t understand where this virus came from nor how to make it go away. What we do understand is the pandemic will end. We will get back to our new normal.

Shelter in place – stay home, stay safe

Stay Home - Stay Safe

Most states shut down in Mid-March. The shutdowns affect everyone in one way or another. From unemployment rates skyrocketing, businesses across the country have felt the power this pandemic has over us. Some employees are deemed essential while others are not. Those deemed essential feel the weight of having to continue to work while the non-essential workers get a much-needed break.

Children have been removed from their normal lives of going to school every day. Children and parents are navigating the new normal of being with each other for up to 5 months. Parents are the new teachers and teachers so desperately want to be back with the students.

Reopening States

Reopening States

While some states have opened back up with limited normality, others remain shut down to control the outbreak. The majority of what we hear is that even though states may be opening back up, most businesses would rather wait another two weeks before opening their doors. The pandemic has hit everyone. Now with the fear of a second outbreak, more businesses are even more scared. Companies do not want to put production in front of people’s lives.

How do we get back to work safely? Does working from home on a more permanent basis seem to be the right choice for most businesses? What if you cannot work from home permanently? What we do know is that no matter how your business will look like after the doors open back up, it will look different. Employers need to hear from their employees! Employers need to be open to new ideas on how to conduct business.

Getting Back To Work

Door to Door Sales

How does that look like for door to door sales? Direct sales can continue amidst the new normal. Being aware of any health concerns with Sales Representatives is a good first step. Having your Sales Reps check their temperature on a daily basis is an accountability action. If you as the employer want even higher accountability, then having reps come to the office before going to the field for a check-in, is an easy answer. It will put their minds at ease and you might get a few minutes to connect with them on how they are doing with sales.

Direct sales can continue amidst the new normal. 

Direct sales have been done, for many decades, with social distancing in mind. Door to door sales reps have mastered this!  A good door to door sales rep will keep their physical distance from their customer to make them feel safe and comfortable in the interaction.  Limiting touch and contact is very important to successful D2D sales going forward.

You don’t have to make very many changes on this front. The change you will have to take into consideration would be sharing with those people behind the door the facts about social distancing while trying to sell the product. Being able to share social distancing while effectively selling the best product to the customer. This might look like changing your pitch to address social distancing first before addressing the reason you are standing at their door.

Another tool that sales representatives have is face masks. Keep in mind people might want you to remove the masks before entering their home. While some people would rather your sales reps keep them on. Asking the simple question of “would you feel more comfortable with keeping my face mask on or would you like for me to remove it?” This is a powerful and helpful question and will make the customer feel more comfortable and in control.

Door to Door Sales

How DSHero can help


Having a great door to door sales app that can help you keep your distance is key. You need the ability to minimize contact with germs.  Using paper leads, paper dispositions and paper resources will hinder your ability to reach your customers. Your sales reps do not need anything additional hindering their potential sale. Read our article addressing this topic

DSHero is a door to door sales app that removes paper out in the field. Leads are all listed on the DSHero app and dispositions are completed with no paper and comes with a very easy to use tracking system.

DSHero also has a customizable resource page that can be used to remove the remainder of the need for paper.  You can use the resource page to add in your presentation decks, and any electronic signature forms you may use.  DSHero makes it easy to have a true paperless option all in one software package for your representatives!

This is a new, uncharted time in the direct sales industry. With minimal changes, direct sales companies can move forward stronger and even more effective. DSHero is not new to the direct sales industry! We have been in the business of helping door to door sales teams grow for several years. Let us show you how DSHero can help with your business needs.

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