Energy Door To Door Sales App

Energy businesses that are looking for a door to door sales app need to look no further. DSHero has the best sales app for your energy business needs.


Clean Energy

Clean and renewable energy revolution is taking over America’s energy needs. Renewable energy is clean energy that comes from natural resources or resources that are constantly replenished. Most common sources are solar or sunlight, wind and water. These are sources that are constantly replenished.

Growth in Clean Energy

Growth in the renewable energy industry is creating new paths for getting these clean energy sources in the hands of Americans. The cost of renewable energy has dropped over the past few years. This is helping to give more and more Americans the opportunity to access these resources.

You are in the business to get these renewable energy sources out to the public, but why? There are several states that have moved towards clean energy and have passed laws to achieve this. States like New York, California and New Mexico have already passed laws to have 100% renewable energy as their main energy source.




DSHero Can Help

We are in the business to help get your products in the hands of homeowners. Our experience is selling directly or through door to door sales. We have found this is the best way to grow your business and achieve your goals. With DSHero you have visibility of every house so you can knock every door. You can also set appointments, follow up with interested homeowners and all from one door to door sales app.

DSHero Features


With DSHero’s newest features you can fully customize the sales app for your energy business needs.

Pin Houses

No matter if you have leads data or not, you can place a pin on every house your sales rep knocks on.


Set Appointments

Your sales reps can easily set appointments to interested homeowners which allows your sales reps to follow up.


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