DSHero App


DSHero is a newly designed and streamlined business software app that manages leads and tracks sales for direct and door-to-door sales companies.



DSHero has an advanced, yet simple to use leads module for uploading leads, viewing maps and assigning leads to Sale Representatives.


Interactive Map

Millions of Leads
Segmented leads
Simple assigning
Simple printing
Visually track sales


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With DSHero, we have made the process of tracking sales and paying representatives very simple.


True visibility
Easy to read statements
6 levels of override structure
Add bonuses or custom payments
Hold Back account tracking

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DSHero Data Features

DSHero is perfect for storing any type of sales data. The sky's the limit as to what types of sales data you can track.



 Advance Search Capabilities

Install Tracking

Transfer Sales

Escalate Issues

Individualized Permission Settings




Direct Sales Hero has a place to store additional information. This is helpful when dealing with large companies and large data. We make it simple for your teams to locate this information.


Order form upload & storage
Latest Updates Page
Pop-up Announcements
Helpful Links to Client Pages

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No need to worry about ordering gear for your representatives. Here at Direct Sales Resources we have made the order process simple and quick.





All Gear and Sales Collateral​
Manage inventory including sizes
Seconds to place any size orders



Worried about not being able to take us with you when you’re in the field? No need to stress, we have you covered with Direct Sales Hero mobile functionality.

  • Mobile Features Built In
  • Always available
  • Android and iOS Compatible

Andrew McCarthy

Owner – The Mark

DSHERO is a must have tool in any sales office. DSHERO served as a one stop shop allowing me to track trending sales for my reps and help identify areas that each individual rep struggled with. In addition it aided in maximizing my time by tracking my schedule throughout the week with the ability to add in all my appointments and interviews. DSHERO also allowed my reps to stay on top of their income by tracking their installing sales day by day. If any issues would arise the escalation tab is a easy way for the back office to fix any unforeseen issues. I have been using DSHERO for three years now and wouldn’t know what to do without it. The developer team is easy to work with and take all feedback and implement it as best as possible.

Sean Laktash

V.P. of Business Development, Nu Image Marketing

As a sales organization, dealing with client reporting and payment can be a huge frustration and process. DsHero has allowed us to focus on what matters most, driving sales. The accuracy, ease of use and customer service are top notch.

Tieisha' Pickens

Administrative Recruiter, Dirmark Solutions

I like DSHero because it allows you to do everything in one, you know you have your scheduling, you can keep track of your candidates through however long the company sets for. Like some people only want to only keep track of candidates for the first year. It’s more, it gives you a better ability to you know evaluate a worker and what they have done, their performance. Like a fair performance not, it takes out the politics in performance. Like I absoutley love it. And you can use it in any industry, like if you are in sales, you can use it, in health care you can use it, any industry and in any business. That’s what I like. I’ve done this for a very long time, 17 years, and it’s the best software that I’ve ever used. I love it. I really, really, really do.

Lea Mavar

Direct Sales Hero is a fantastic tool in many ways but especially operationally. I was able to help our door-to-door dealers monitor their sales, installs, cancels, etc. We were able to sell more products and save sales because of this monitoring system. Additionally, we were able to motivate our sales team more with our K.C.P.S tool to help them see where they could improve out in the field to solidify more sales. Lastly, Direct Sales Hero is very user friendly and is helpful for our team to be able to track pay stubs, contests, and gear ordering.

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