Commission Tracking

Tired of manually calculating your weekly commissions?
DSHero saves you time, hassle and money by automatically calculating commission payments for you.


Automated Commission Calculations per Product

With a few clicks you can assign each product and credit ranking a specific commission rate.  Automatically calculate bonuses or commission based on bundled sales.

Pay Management Overrides simply

If you are manually calculating overrides, you can stop! DSHero has up to six levels of overrides to allow for ANY management structure. Managers can see their subordinates sales and commission statements.

Provide Statements for Sales Representatives and Leaders

Statements are available to view on desktop or mobile as soon as they are approved. Statements can also be emailed with one click as a PDF for easy viewing.

Add Custom Payments or Deductions

Simply and easily you can add bonuses, weekly draws or split commission payments. With the ability to customize built in, you can also track advances or draws made, keeping your books clean.

Advanced Organization Management


Invoice payments tracked for Sub-Dealers and ICL’s


2-Party statement authentication to ensure against mistakes


Commission totals to spreadsheet to easily bulk-upload into payment system of your choice


Search features allow you to see statements and get a snapshot of all payments by user quickly

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