Cable Satellite Internet Door To Door Sales App

Telecommunications businesses like Cable, Satellite and Internet companies that are looking for a door to door sales app need to look no further. DSHero has the ideal telecommunications door to door sales app you have been looking for.

Telecommunications Industry

Being in the telecommunications business, cable, satellite and internet, you partner with some of the nations largest telecommunication companies to expand their business. You can account for over 50% of your partners new business, if not more. Your clients have expanded their business through a partnership with you. They trust you will provide the best customer service experience.

You know cable, internet and satellite! 

With countless hours of training, recruiting and shaping a sales force, you have been able to market to customers in a face to face atmosphere. Your sales force from Sales Reps to Assistant Managers to Sub-dealer owners have revolutionized the telecommunications industry. Bringing the product to the customers has been an eye-opening experience.

Leads Management

Until this point, you have used countless lead management apps, starting with paper print outs and ending with thousands of dollars spent with nothing to show for it. Either you developed your own system to handle your leads or you have outsourced to a third party. But no matter what direction you have taken, it has a high cost associated with it.

Until Now…..

With DSHero you can stop paying thousands of dollars a month for your leads management system. DSHero was built by a telecommunications dealer so we know the pain you are experiencing. DSHero takes your door to door or direct sales marketing teams out to the field with their leads at their fingertips.

DSHero Features


DSHero Leads App can show your sales reps their exact location finding those internet, cable and satellite leads with ease.

Pin Houses

DSHero Leads App can upload thousands of cable, internet and satellite leads at once. Manually enter leads for those houses not already pinned.

Plan Your Day

With the DSHero Leads App you can assign satellite, cable and internet leads to your sales reps so they have their leads with them in the field.

DSHero Demo

Are you ready to grow your teams with the best and most efficient leads management app?