If you’re managing a sales team, whether as a business owner or a dedicated sales manager, you’ll save a lot of time and resources in the long run by utilizing a commission tracking software.  However, implementing a commission software can be time-consuming and take a lot of your team’s resources, which can then take away from your sales performance.  So how do you get all the benefits of a commission tracking software while steering clear of the potential pitfalls?

Getting Started

The big challenge is determining what the best commission software is for your team, one that meets your needs while not breaking your budget.  If you get this step right, you’ll be able to steer clear of software packages that look good on the outside but end up being a total time-suck to get set up and ultimately provide a sub-par experience for you and your sales reps.  We’re going to show you some tips on identifying what is the best commission tracking software available to choose from in 2020.

To really get the most benefit out of a commission tracking software, you need to understand first and foremost what features your team needs.  To help get you started identifying your needs, here are some helpful questions to ask:

  • How often do you pay commissions (Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)?
  • Do your reps need to see details on commissionable sales before they’re paid?
  • Do you need to have the ability to add bonuses, SPIFs or other incentives?
  • Are your commissions calculated from a home office or at local offices or both?
  • Does your commission system sync up with your payroll system for end of the year reporting?
  • Are there any other features that would be helpful for your business (eg. Leads tracking, training tools, feedback tools, etc)?

Once you have these answers, you’ll be ready to start searching for the ideal commission software for your sales organization.

The Top 5

To help you get started on your search, we have determined the top 5 commission management software in the market for 2020 and compared them to each other. We compare pricing, structure, ease of use, and much more.  Here’s our shortlist of commission software products to help you get started:


This commission tracking software has a great look and feel to it. Performio is a very comprehensive commission tracking software. We found the ease of the commission structure and editing makes it user friendly.

Additionally, Sales reps have the ability to view their commission statements. There is an admin side as well for your back office support. We like the mobile and desktop feel and ease of use. There are customized reporting dashboards and ways to view sales for easy tracking. 

As this seems to be a great product, one thing we noticed was a lack of escalating issues internally. Sales reps and office support need the ability to communicate together to resolve any potential issues with sales and commissions. Taking away that communication hurts the software overall.

Another drawback is the lack of pricing details outlined on the company website. This raises a concern for customers as there could be hidden fees associated with the software. We have found initial fees are very often hidden in the contracts if the fee structure isn’t fully disclosed on the website.


Commissionly is also an all in one commission tracking software. We noticed the overall look and feel to be very user friendly. Just like Performio, Sales reps have access to view their commission statements. There is also an admin support side to it as well.  Commissionly has mobile and desktop versions available to its customers. Additionally there are reporting and dashboards that are customizable.

The price seems right as well at $20/user/month. However, the company’s website does not provide any insight into any minimal user amounts or initial fees. We feel with the lack of pricing details outlined, there could be a potential for hidden fees.

Just like Perfomio, we did not see a way to communicate or escalate issues. We have found that Sales Reps and office support must have the ability to escalate and communicate any outstanding issues. This could raise issues with sales and commission payments and ultimately make the process less streamlined than would be expected.


This software is labeled as an all in one commission tracking software. Spiff outlines the ability to view, in real-time, commission statements. The commission statements are also viewable by the whole team, sales reps, and admin included. We noticed the software has KPI’s built-in. The software does generate payroll reports for your team to export to external sources.

We have found the ease of using the system is lacking. It feels like you would have to have knowledge of writing and programming to use the software properly. It seems bulky and not as user friendly as the previous two mentioned above.

The pricing details are outlined on the company website and overall the pricing structure is competitive to the industry. We have found that although the software is $35 – $45/user/month, there are also initial fees of $100/user. If you were to start with a team of 5 sales reps and 2 admin support members, you would start at $875 – $925 for the first month alone.


Tipalti made our list of commission tracking software as an invoice management and commission payment solution directly to the sales reps in one place. This software removes the need to have an external source to send ACH or checks to the sales staff.

The software does have great reporting capabilities. One other huge benefit that Tipalti brings is tax software is implemented directly to the service. This would also remove the need for an external source at tax time.

We have found there is no ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) built in for tracking your sales, but if the price is right, you can integrate with your ERP.

We have found the company website does not show any initial fees or payment per month based on user amount. You will pay a certain amount per transaction which is similar to other products like PayPal. Keep in mind that you will take out the need for external ACH payment sources and tax services, but will need to have a way to track the sales and/or your own ERP system.

Door to Door Sales


DSHero is a little newer to the market, however, it has been used in the door to door sales industry for several years.  From what we’ve observed, DSHero is the BEST sales commission tracking product specifically for the direct sales or door to door sales field in 2020.

We have determined that DSHero was created by direct sales dealers already working in the telecommunications industry. They determined there was a real need for a software that could handle the tracking of sales, commission payments all on a single platform.

One of the features that really sets DSHero apart is the ability to manage a multi-hierarchical sales leadership structure with ease.  If your team uses a system of local managers, regional managers, and sales trainers that potentially receive overrides from sales, then you definitely should check DSHero out. 

Also, DSHero allows for separate entities under a traditional corporate structure (think Franchisees, Licencees, or Sub-Dealers).  Within DSHero you can create invoices for these separate businesses and also provide the platform for them to commissions to their sales reps if you choose to.  This is a powerful feature because it makes it much easier for organizations to utilize outside sales teams either when needed, or as a core part of your business strategy.

We have also found that behind DSHero is years of real sales experience. This product has been used for several years in the field by many different door to door marketing companies. From Construction products, to marketing, to pest control. DSHero has proven to be the best all in one sales commission tracking app.  If you need an app that can manage your seller’s commissions and track your sales lead in a complete package, then DSHero can be an excellent solution for you.


Why DSHero?

Here are just some reasons why we’ve found DSHero is the best Commission Tracking software in 2020:

Top Notch Sales Commission Tracking

DSHero is an all in one commission tracking software. From tracking customer sales to commission statements and tracking for your sales representatives, DSHero does it all in one place. And it’s just that – ALL IN ONE!


Take the manual reporting out of the equation with DSHero’s dashboards. Show your sales and numbers all within the dashboards. The dashboards are easy to understand and compare between individuals and sub-dealers.

User Friendly

Even though DSHero is newer in the market for commission tracking softwares, it comes from the result of over 50,000 hours of live testing from several different types of marketing efforts. The users have found the system to be easy to use.  Additionally, DSHero’s single platform approach means that user experience will remain consistent whether a user is on a mobile or desktop version of the app.

Ease of Admin Use

We have compared several products and we have found the lack of being able to control the back end of the software. With DSHero, as an administrator, you have the ability to make changes on the back end to ensure your products are being paid out properly.

Escalating and Communicating

With the comparison of the other four software products that made the top five list, DSHero has a built-in escalation portal. This combined with instant messaging makes DSHero stand out above the rest of the competition. Communication between DSHero, sales teams and administration is all built-in with no additional costs.

Mobile App

As DSHero is a software that can be used in the office setting, it is also a mobile app that can be taken to the field. With both administrative access and dealer access that can be used directly at your customer’s door. Check out this article to see how DSHero can help serve customers better in person

The Price

Compared to the other products above, we have found the price is right! DSHero offers extreme value for all of the features it includes, not just limited to the commission tracking software. DSHero can also reduce your company’s overall overhead as well, allowing you to re-allocate those costs to more important areas. Check out DSHero Pricing

Schedule Demo Today

Schedule a live demo today to see why DSHero is the best commission tracking software for your direct sales company in 2020. DSHero is currently offering a 14-day free trial for you to test to see that it’s the right software for your company.

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