Alarm Systems Door To Door Sales App

Alarm and Security Businesses that need a door to door sales app need to look no further than DSHero. DSHero has everything your company needs to expand your security business.

Homeowners want to protect their residents with security alarms, cameras and emergency alarms. People find they want to pay for some type of security, even if they will never need it. You never know what might happen. It is better to be prepared.

Home security can protect from losing something that can’t be replace. Location might influence some of your potential client’s home security system decisions.

Cities with the Most and Least Property Crime in 2019

The FBI provides the US cities with the most and least property crime reported in 2019.

 Excluding motor vehicle–related crimes, here are the safest and most dangerous cities to own a home, rental, vacation house, or investment property.

Security Systems And Alarms

Security systems are becoming more of a necessity to the average homeowner or renter. No matter what location you are targeting, the market is high for security systems.

There are several different types of alarms on the market today to protect homes when the occupants are away.

  • General security systems allow monitoring from door, window and motion sensors to mobile apps and cameras.
  • Security Cameras allows to keep an eye on things even when occupants are away from home with indoor/outdoor cameras and video doorbells.
  • Emergency Alarms will add smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors or flood sensors to help keep everyone even safer.

If that doesn’t seem to be enough products for security, there is also home automation. With a smart home alarm system, homeowners can control locks, lights, garage door and thermostat from mobile apps. For easily added security there are also smart locks or keyless entry products.

Security Business

Being in the security business, you may find it hard to get your products in the hands of the consumers. No matter if you are selling to residential or commercial, for smaller businesses, marketing is going to be essential to your sales, growth and protection. You could advertise in local newspapers, with pricy commercials or with large billboards, but is that enough to target your ideal customer?

Being in the direct or door to door sales market, we have found that taking your product directly to the consumer is the best way to increase sales and growth. This is true even in the security products business. Opening campaigns through door to door sales will increase revenue. So where do you start?

DSHero Door To Door Sales App

DSHero is the door to door sales app that can help! If you are looking to either start your door to door sales journey or continue where you left off with overpriced apps, DSHero is on your side. With knowledge of selling security alarms door to door, DSHero staff can help you on your sales journey.

DSHero Features


DSHero is fully customizable for your security business needs. From customized leads to disposition titles.

Location Services

DSHero has GeoLocation built in. You can view the location of your sales reps in the field.

Assign Leads

Easily assign leads with DSHero. Your sales reps can plan their day with their assigned leads.

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