Direct Sales Resources

Your Onboarding and Payment Solution

We are your back office support with over ten years of experience. We handle every aspect of sales from background checks, reporting, client interactions, escalation issues and paying commission statements to your sales representatives.


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Payment Administration

With ten years of experience, you can rest assured your sales reps will be paid on time.
We worry about bank holidays so you don’t have to.

Commission statements

We know that correct sales commission is crucial to motivating your team.
You can count on us to track all of your sales and create accurate and dependable weekly pay statements.

Dashboard Reports

Direct Sales Resources provides reports and analytics to keep you up to date with your office’s performance.

Background Checks

Direct Sales Resources will
run background checks
for new Sales Representatives.

Dealer Codes

You won’t have to worry
about client sales codes.
We will apply and notify you
when they are approved.

Contract Storage

We make sure to keep all contracts on file
and adhere to all governmental requirements.