If you haven’t seen the original Kenny Brooks Youtube Video yet, you absolutely have to.  Most people in Door to Door sales have seen this video (if you haven’t yet, its titled Best Ever Door to Door Salesperson) because inevitably a peer or sales manager will share it with you for motivation.  According to some reports, the video has had over 45 million views from all its re-posts on Youtube.

Here are 5 reasons why people in Door to Door Sales think Kenny Brooks may be the best door to door salesperson ever:

He uses Humor in his Sales Pitch

Kenny’s sales pitch is better than 90% of the comedy routines out there.  You can tell he’s practiced his pitch and jokes over and over again to perfection.  He keeps the customers engaged by keeping them laughing, which is a great gift.

In fact, Kenny is so good at making his potential customers laugh that I’ve heard feedback from novice sales reps who watch the video that they’re discouraged because they can’t make customers laugh like Kenny does.  Don’t worry, not everyone is a gifted comedian! If you get good at using regular icebreakers for starting sales conversations, you’ll be able to keep plenty of conversations going without having to be naturally funny.

He Controls the Conversation

Kenny knows exactly where he’s going to get the sale.  He doesn’t ask open-ended questions and allow the customer to take control.  He’s making positive statements about his product and then asks questions jokingly to get the customer to agree.  Kenny does this because he knows that the more times a customer says yes in the sales pitch, the easier it will be for them to say yes when its time to ask for the sale.

He Gets Everyone Involved in the Sale

Another thing that Kenny Brooks does is pull everyone into the conversation.  One of the worst things in door to door sales is to give a great presentation to one person in the household, and then have another potential decision-maker step in and squash the sale because they weren’t on board.  Kenny avoids this because while he’s pitching the guy in the video, the girl (not seen, just heard) is recording because she has previously talked to Kenny. This may actually be the second time Kenny has gone through his full pitch at the door.  Since he’s a pro he knows this is part of the door to door sales job.

He Asks for the Sale

Not just once or twice, but I counted that he asked for the sale 7 times (7 different ways) before the customer went to get their checkbook.  Most sales representatives give up after asking for the sale once or twice. What we’ve seen from studying sales reps statistics and data is that most sales representatives only ask for the sale 1.6 times on average, but most decisions to buy happen after the 3rd time asking for the sale.  Kenny gets this, so he keeps on pleasantly asking until the customer goes to get their checkbook.

He Asks for Referrals

Ummmm…. Wait a second… Does he actually ask for referrals?  I watched the video 5 times to try and spot where he does to no avail.  Kenny is great at using the Jones Effect by referencing the neighbors he’s talked to previously but doesn’t actually ask for referrals from customers at the end of the sale.

To be fair, Kenny may have asked for a referral after the tape stopped rolling.  Unfortunately, we’ll never know. However, here’s what I think Kenny is really up to.  While Kenny Brooks is no doubt an amazing door to door salesperson, he’s really (as he claims himself at minute 3:39 of the video) just practicing his comedy routine.  Getting a customer to buy just validates that he was successful in getting them to laugh, which is a good lesson unto itself. However, if he was really trying to make the most sales possible, he would be asking for referrals since studies show that 92% of customers would give a referral, but only 11% of salespeople regularly ask for them

What do you think?  Is Kenny Brooks really the best Door to Door Salesperson Ever or is he just a funny guy with a great pitch in the right place at the right time to become a YouTube celebrity?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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